Gluten Free Cupcakes and Breakfast Treats at Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe

Even the package was perfect!

I was recently over in the Libbie Grove area so I popped into Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe to see what was cooking (or baking, I guess). I was so glad I did! First off, the aroma in the quaint little shop is enough to keep you salivating for days. I was in pretty early so the selections on display were breakfast pastries and on the menu was a gluten free carrot cake muffin. I, of course, poured myself¬† some of their freshly brewed coffee (can a good pastry be enjoyed without a cup of joe?) and I sat back to savor every bite.¬† As you all know, when you are living gluten free, it isn’t always easy to find a quick bite to eat in the morning – most coffee shops only have the traditional wheat pastries or sandwich offerings. It was so nice to pop in and pick up a sweet treat that wouldn’t leave me feeling awful for the remainder of the day.

Pearl's Carrot Cake

The carrot cake was dense, slightly sweetened and perfectly spicy. Each bite had an extra flavor punch of golden raisins and the texture had the right balance of crumble to cohesiveness. It was just the right amount for a breakfast treat and it left me wanting to visit again to find out what other gluten free flavors await me…cupcakes are calling!

Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe on Urbanspoon

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