Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cake Mix- Product Review

While on a vacation down in the Outer Banks, I skimmed through a copy of the Cake Doctor’s Gluten Free Cake cookbook (or should it be cakebook?). Although she had many variations on the cakes and mouthwatering recipes to choose from, her technique always seemed to use the same tricks. The most prevalent of which was to add a box of instant vanilla pudding mix to the dry ingredients. So, I carried that thought with me and came up with my own recipe at home. I wanted to try using the Betty Crocker gluten free mix because it is so much cheaper than the others and it’s usually available in most grocery stores around the country which is a big help going into summer holiday season.


Here’s how mine came together:


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Gluten Free Salad Dressings

Bottled dressings are used in so many ways in our kitchens – from salad toppers to sandwich spreads to marinades for beef and veggies – these go-to flavor punches are an easy way to spice up your cooking. As with anything that is premixed and made to have an extended shelf life, dressings are on the list of ‘be sure to read the label’ if you are gluten free. In this segment, we share a favorite salad of ours and discuss some of the dressings we’ve found that are gluten free. As we mention in the segment, don’t forget to also check company websites which can sometimes be a wealth of knowledge when trying to decipher ingredients and allergens.


Gluten Free Pantry List

We wanted to follow-up on our pantry stocking video with the list of items we highlighted and a few more to consider. We look forward to hearing back from all of you and learning what makes your kitchen gluten free and tasty! Here’s our list of staples:

Blue Diamond Nut-thins

Tamari – Gluten Free Soy Sauce

Be Kind bars

OrganicVille gluten free viniagarette

Fage Greek Yogurt

Pacific Chicken Broth and Cream of Mushroom soup

DeBoles Angel Hair Brown Rice Pasta

Belaria Instant Polenta

Chebe Pizza Crust Mix

In addition to what you saw in the video, we also have a number of flours and meals on hand we use for baking and cooking. Bob’s Red Mill has a wide selection of great stock items such as Almond Meal Flour, All-Purpose Baking Flour and many, many pre-mixed flours for things like cornbread or brownies. I also like to have quinoa on hand, it is a staple in my kitchen because it is protein packed and makes a great side dish or main course (have you had a quinoa burger?!).  I generally like to pick this up from the bulk food bins in Ellwood Thompson, but fly over contamination could be an issue since it is in the line up with several gluten based items. Let us know what works for you, we are always looking for new products to test!

Gluten Free Biscuits with Wild Mushroom and Turkey Gravy!

We had such a blast cooking in the kitchen earlier this week with our guest star, Joshua! We picked up a package of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Biscuit mix so Joshua shared some great tips when working with a premixed flour blend and we are sharing them with you. Check out this fun clip and try not to salivate when you see that gravy piled high atop those fluffy biscuits!

Quick Hit – Gluten Free Fried Chicken

Jen brought back her ‘Famous Fried Chicken’ with Bob’s Red Mill gluten free all purpose flour and it was a hit at the homestead! Take a look at this quick video to see how it all came together and check back tomorrow for the written recipe and preparation tips.