Gluten Free Pantry List

We wanted to follow-up on our pantry stocking video with the list of items we highlighted and a few more to consider. We look forward to hearing back from all of you and learning what makes your kitchen gluten free and tasty! Here’s our list of staples:

Blue Diamond Nut-thins

Tamari – Gluten Free Soy Sauce

Be Kind bars

OrganicVille gluten free viniagarette

Fage Greek Yogurt

Pacific Chicken Broth and Cream of Mushroom soup

DeBoles Angel Hair Brown Rice Pasta

Belaria Instant Polenta

Chebe Pizza Crust Mix

In addition to what you saw in the video, we also have a number of flours and meals on hand we use for baking and cooking. Bob’s Red Mill has a wide selection of great stock items such as Almond Meal Flour, All-Purpose Baking Flour and many, many pre-mixed flours for things like cornbread or brownies. I also like to have quinoa on hand, it is a staple in my kitchen because it is protein packed and makes a great side dish or main course (have you had a quinoa burger?!).  I generally like to pick this up from the bulk food bins in Ellwood Thompson, but fly over contamination could be an issue since it is in the line up with several gluten based items. Let us know what works for you, we are always looking for new products to test!

Stock Pantry Items for Gluten Free Living

Over the past few weeks, Jen and I have been asked for a list of gluten free items that we use to stock our pantry on a regular basis. We came up with a group of products and food items that we both keep on hand for daily use or for special occasions. Take a look and be sure to share with us what keeps your kitchen cooking gluten free!

Check back this weekend for a list of the products featured in the video with links to the manufacturer sites and where they can be purchased. Have a great weekend!